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Welcome to the best-rated Stock Market Mentorship Program in India

A Mentorship Program carefully created with years of collective trading experience, implementing hundreds of best practices from top books and real-time feedback from student traders to help you to make better trading decisions.


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10,000+ already enrolled

Trading Master Class

8 Programs & 75+ Topics 

Basics to Advanced

Two Years Mentorship

Pure Mathematical & Rule-based Trading

From Trading Psychologies, back-tested strategies, and Money Management, you will learn every trick in the trade!

Ashok Devanampriya 

Cautilya Capital

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About Stock Mentorship Programs

​Pure Mathematical & Rule-based Trading

From Trading Psychologies, back-tested strategies, and Money Management, you will learn every trick in the trade.There are several paths to become a professional trader, as well as numerous talents an individual must possess to succeed in a demanding and fiercely competitive industry. There are several forms of trading, some of which need both both chart knowledge and interpersonal communication abilities. After that, we'll look at some of the abilities needed by all traders.

Get Hands-on Training On Trading Psychology

  • Money Management

  • Van Tharp psychology Model 

  • Brett Steenbarger psychology Theory

  • Alexander Elder position sizing model

  • Equity Millipede theory

Get 50% off when you Register for Mentorship Programs Today

  • Who can attend it?
    Beginners & students who want to pursue a career in financial markets. Beginners who seeks financial freedom from the stock markets. Stock market enthusiasts who want to pursue Investing, Price action, GANN and Options strategies in stock markets. Experts who want to fine tune their strategy to achieve better results. Experts who want to automate their strategy and move to robot mode for stress free trading. Let the robot do your job. Professionals who are looking for a part-time career to generate passive income Housewives who can become the fund manager of the family.
  • What are the benefits of the program?
    Have complete control on your financial future (The best person to control your money is YOU) Compound your capital on a much higher rate compared to the inflation to make a good retirement corpus. Learn the art of picking the best stocks which can help you to achieve your financial freedom. Most of our investment picks of the past have earned a lot more than 25% per annum. Some have doubled too. You will know how to pick them. Our Investment models just require about 2 hours every month from your side. Decode the myth called GANN and understand how GANN can help you in your trading. Know the art of trading both positional / Intraday with clear entry Stop loss & exit rules. Exposure to rule based investing and trading.
  • What are the benefits of the Mentorship Model?
    Attend the classes from anywhere in the world. If you miss the classes due to your busy schedules, access the same when you get free time in the website through your registered login credentials. Access the course in our website anytime from anywhere with the exclusive login by mobile authentication. There is no limit. You can see it any number of times. Be a life-time member of the Cautilya capital alumni private channels. Most of the students love the learning by seeing the recordings as they can pause and watch anything again as per their understanding.
  • I am new to investing and I don’t know anything about this subject. Will I able to learn the I3T3 Master mentorship program?
    Stock market is pure mathematics. We approach the stock markets with clear set of rules. Hence the learning would be easy and not at all complex. It is a step by step structured procedure. The whole program will not have anything beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square roots, cube, and cube roots. Your primary school maths is good enough for you to pursue this exciting program. We will also provide you a FREE refresher course for Fundamental analysis & Technical analysis for beginners so that you can ramp up faster.
  • I cannot attend some Sessions due to my business schedule. How can I manage that session and subsequent sessions?
    All the daily webinars will be uploaded in our website by the end of the day. Students can access the webinars anytime and anyplace. Access is given only to the registered Email id through email OTP authentication and dual tier verification. Students can access the course for the entire year any number of times for free. If you need extension of the duration beyond a year, we are happy to do the same too.
  • Why are you not teaching any indicator methods like moving averages, RSI etc.?
    Price is the real truth. All indicators are the derivatives of the price. Hence we mainly focus on price itself. We have programmed most of the indicators which did not give great results in long term. Wecan prove our claims through a proper programmed backtest of 1000s of trades over a long term of 5 to 8 years. Also, Indicators are always lagging. The entry signal will come pretty late and many times after the action is over. Hence we use very limited Indicators or No indicators.
  • Would you give the Trading view special code for GANN, Investing & Price Action?
    YES. All the Trading view codes along with the license manager will be installed into your systems. It will help you to apply them in your day to day activities. They are exclusive for our students only.
  • What if I Cancel?
    We will refund your complete amount, if you cancel one week before the event. No refunds thereafter as we will start pre webinar events one week in advance.
  • If I learn the trading and show good performance in future, do you guys fund me for trading?
    YES. Cautilya Capital has been funding budding traders on a profit sharing model as a part of our diversification strategy. Speak to our leadership team whenever you show good performance of at least 6 months for positional trading and 3 months for intraday trading. Cautilya capital operates on an 80: 20 profit sharing model with all its consistent traders. Funding is always based on actual ledger performance. Screenshots and PDFs are not the real proofs for trading performance. We have found that 90% of such posts are fake and untrue mainly in telegram. The true ledgers can only be seen on the broker website in the P&L statements area.
  • How can I make the payment?
    You can enroll into our course by making online payments in our website through your debit or credit card. You can also transfer money to any of our bank accounts.
  • Do you have any instalment model in place?
    YES. You can choose the EMI scheme when you make payment thru Instamojo payments. The EMI scheme offers 3, 6, 9 and max 12 months of EMI.
  • What do you mean by MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?
    If you find it uninteresting, request for an unconditional refund. We will refund your full fees. No questions asked. We gave the same offer to all the students so far. Only 5 people out of 300 took an exit from the program. That’s how you build trust with the retail community in the era of fraud trainings.
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