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Ashoke Devanampriya

Ashok Devanampriya

Founder Director of
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Full-Time Professional Trader & 
Fintech Entrepreneur

Our Mentor

He is a seasoned stock market investment professional with a 
a decade of experience in investing and trading.
He preaches the concept of Techno Fundamental Analysis of stocks 
to generate better returns and long-term growth in Indian equity 
markets. He has been a Gann practitioner and working on Algo 
models to be built on Gann methods. He uses price action
methods along with Gann levels for positional trading. He is also 
an algorithmic trader in the Indian derivative market. His robots 
run automatically without any manual intervention in the intraday 
Before the idea of Entrepreneurship caught his thoughts, he was 
associated with many global MNCs like SAP, TOYOTA & i2. He has 
15+ years of experience in the areas of Investment banking, Equity 
portfolio management, SAP for Banking, SAP for Finance, SAP 
Supply Chain Management, SAP FICO, Business consulting. He has 
delivered many complex projects in Investment banking, 
automotive, consumer electronics, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, & 
FMCG industries across North America, Europe & Asia Pacific Japan regions.
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from P.E.S. Institute of 
Technology in Bangalore, India & an MBA in Strategic Planning 
from Edinburgh University Business School - United Kingdom. He 
got his specialization in Effective Asset Management from 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Our Mission

Between 80 to 85% of Intraday traders lose money on 
the stock markets. It has also been studied that 70% of the 
traders do not last more than a year and 90% do not more 
then a third year.
The major reasons are Discipline, Lack of basics, Panic and 
mostly relying on someone else's tips and expertise .
At i3t3, our mission is to enable you to Control your Own 
Destiny and Make you profitable through simple math 
and rule-based trading and psychology.

We are a Fund House Too!

Fund House
Pioneers in Algo Trading and Top 10 Algo Firms in India

USD One Million Fund 
(INR 75+ Crores)

Actively Managed
Our ventures
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