The Options Trading Strategies

How to start Options Trading? Get the basics right

Options are difficult!
Options are tough!
Options Greeks are a nightmare!


Options are unique and beautiful financial derivative instruments which helps traders to trade in any kind of markets. There are amazing strategies for Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways markets. Option buyers are exposed to least risk with a fear of the complete premium erosion

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Yes, Options are very high risk assets which can make a lot of money. But they can also erode the capital at an alarming rate.

Options Trading, a Game of Numbers" Options trading can be a very lucrative and entertaining way to make money, but first you have to learn the game. The easy way to do this is to understand the game's basic principles and how to keep your mind focused. 

Option Sellers are exposed to higher risk with a fear of unlimited losses if the market trend in opposite directly Option buyers are like insurance buyers. Option sellers are like Insurance companies. Who makes the money most of the time? Its always the Insurance companies. Hence Option sellers make money most of the time though there is unlimited risk

We also cover detailed Options Trading in our MasterCourse

It is purely based on best practices, back tested and proven strategies.

I3t3 focusses on a combination of all kinds of strategies with an absolute quant based approach to define, develop, validate, optimize and backtest some of the best in class risk adjusted strategies.

They are 100% math.
100% Algos
100% risk and money management included.
Experience our Positional option strategies, Intraday option Strategies and Expiry day option strategies for long term wealth creation

Our stock market trading course has infused some of the powerful takeaways from our real world trading experiences

Here is the complete list of the topics covered in our day program.

Day 1

501  Introduction to Option Basics
502  Introduction to Option Greeks
503  Option Chain studies
504  Deep dive OI Analysis

Day 2

505  The Positional Options Strategies
506  The Intraday Options Strategies
507  The Options Writing Strategies
508  The Expiry & Weekly Options Strategies

You are one step away from being an expert mathematical trader