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Trade with a professional quant fund management house with 80% funding

Be in the top 1% of the traders, who are earning profits

Mentorship Program-Cautilya Capital-By -Ashok Devanampriya_edited.png

If yes, you can be a good stock trader too

Of course,

99% traders lose money

Why do you count

yourself in that group?

Try to be in the remaining 1% group

with the 3 attributes mentioned above

If you learn the techniques of I3T3 well and religiously practice & follow it, you can become a good trader & we will offer a golden opportunity to you


Trading Fund

We will provide you a trading fund
to a maximum margin limit of  1 Crore


We will fund 80%.  20% fund should come from you

The maximum risk should not be more than 20%.

Risk Management


Profit Sharing

The profit sharing will be 50:50.
Invest 20% fund and Take 50% profit share.

What are you waiting for?

Gear up to trade with a professional quant 
 fund management house 

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