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What is Investing ? Why Investival from Traders Gurukul?

In today's world, where the financial market is volatile, it's crucial to have basic knowledge about investments. However, India, being a developing country, lacks awareness about investments, and most of the population is oblivious to the concept of investments. To fill this gap, Traders Gurukul, a mission-driven organization, was born with the idea of providing financial knowledge to the Indian population.

Traders Gurukul's mission is to equip every Indian with the basic knowledge of investments, how they are done, managed, and the process behind them. They aim to achieve this by organizing an extraordinary event that will enlighten people who aspire to learn about how financial markets work and invest with experts who are proficient in managing funds.

According to statistics, only 31% of India's population invests in mutual funds, and a mere 3% invests in the stock market without coming into mutual funds or other aspects. Moreover, most people who invested in mutual funds are unaware of where their money is invested. The lack of financial literacy has resulted in a significant gap between the investor's needs and their actual investments, resulting in poor returns and lost opportunities.

we believe that knowledge is power, and every individual should have the power to make informed investment decisions. To achieve this, we have embarked on a mission to give financial knowledge to 10 crore people by the end of 2030, with the aim of extending it to 100 crores in the coming years. This will be a significant milestone in spreading financial awareness and making people financially independent.

We are not just a mission-driven organization, but they are also an asset management company that manages funds for HNI's, celebrities, and VIPs. With their vast experience in managing funds and expertise in financial markets, they are well-equipped to guide people on their investment journey.

Our mission is a step in the right direction towards financial literacy and independence for every Indian. By imparting financial knowledge to the masses, they are empowering people to make informed investment decisions that will secure their future. With their expertise and experience in managing funds, Traders Gurukul is well-positioned to guide people on their investment journey and make India a financially literate nation.

What is Investival?

The Investival conference is India's most innovative residential stock investors' conference organized by Traders Gurukul in April 2023. It is an opportunity for retail investors, equity analysts, and investing beginners to interact, learn and collaborate with leading stock market experts in India. The conference features 250+ professional investors, 25 portfolio managers, 25 pan-India mentors, 6 speaker sessions, and competitions for deep collaboration.

The conference is unique and innovative in many ways. There are six amazing speaker sessions from some of the best mentors in India, an Investors Premier League competition with prizes worth 300000/-, the Master Portfolio Manager Show with prizes worth 200000/-, and a special game show with prize money of 100000/- to the winner.

The conference also features a special Gala dinner party with all the 50 mentors of honour, valued at 3000/-, VIP access passes for the festival with lifetime recording access worth 10000/-, and 3 days stay in a 5-star hotel with all meals included, valued at 25000/-. Participants will also have access to 75 premium sessions by 75 pan-Indian mentors worth 12000/- and goodies, mementos, and gifts from sponsor organizations.

The conference has a unique competition called the Investor Premier League (IPL) with 100 questions to choose the champion of the festival with prize money worth 300000/-. The Master Portfolio Manager (MPM) is an excellent opportunity to experience real-time investing with a beautifully simulated game driven by virtual stocks and currencies, with winners receiving 100000/- worth of Amazon coupons.

· Industry Experts: The conference features top-notch industry experts and influencers from the financial industry. The conference aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and tools used by professionals in the industry.

· Hands-on Learning: Investival is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for attendees. The interactive sessions are specifically tailored to empower retail investors with best-in-class education and hands-on experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn directly from the experts and ask questions.

· Networking: Investival offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and build relationships within the industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, portfolio managers, and other retail investors.

· Value for Money: Investival is the most economical and value-added residential conference in India. The conference fee includes a 3-day stay in a 5-star hotel with all meals included, access to 75 premium sessions by 75 pan Indian mentors, and many goodies and gifts from sponsor organizations.

· Collaborative Learning: Investival encourages collaborative learning through various activities such as quizzes, competitions, and championships. The Investors Premier League battle and the Master Portfolio Manager show are just a few of the activities that encourage collaboration and learning.

· Diversity and Inclusion: Investival welcomes attendees from all backgrounds and experiences. The conference is designed to be inclusive and diverse, allowing attendees to learn from a wide range of perspectives.

· Lifetime Access: Attendees will have lifetime access to the recordings of the event, providing them with a valuable resource that they can refer to at any time.

· Sustainable Practices: Investival is committed to sustainable practices and is designed to minimize its environmental impact. The conference organizers work closely with the hotel to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize the carbon footprint of the event.

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