The Algo / Robo Trading

THE ALGO / ROBO TRADING  The Algo / Robo Trading

Algo trading is the new game of stock trading without any manual interventions using state of the art automatic programs which acts as robot to buy and sell stocks as per the rules of the game. 16% of India runs on Algos today. It will grow beyond 50% by the year 2025.
Cautilya Capital has been running intraday Algo for the past 10 quarter with just a single loss quarter out of 10. The success rate has been phenomenal. Learn the art of building such powerful robo systems and convert your manual strategy into automatic robo.

Here is the complete list of the topics covered in the full day program:

S.No Topics Covered in The Algo / Robo Trading
701 Introduction to Algo trading.
702 Defining the rules for Algo trading.
703 Design your Algo system.
704 How to get your also system coded?
705 How to validate your Algo system?
706 How to back test your Algo system?
707 How to benchmark your Algo system?
708 How to take your system live?
709 Periodic review of your Algo system.
710 Position sizing your Algo system.