Trading Psychology & Money MGMT


Trading psychology is most important component of any trading system. Van Tharp and Brett Steenbarger are the 2 legends of the trading psychology world. Even the best trading systems in the world without a proper psychology will not be successful. Learn the clear rules and the way both these legends taught the top traders of the world for a consistent year on year performance.

Van Tharp

Brett Steenberger

Alexander Elder

Alexander elder is another pioneer who preached the art of position sizing and money management which is the most critical thing in any trading system. You may make money with a bad strategy. But you cannot make money without a good money management system in place.
Our teachings are mainly based on the following powerful books written on position sizing, money management and risk management.

Here is the complete list of the topics covered in the half day program:

S.No Topics Covered in Trading Psychology & Money Management
801 Van Tharp psychology model.
802 The Brett Steenbarger psychology theory.
Money Management
903 Alexander Elder position sizing model.
904 Equity Millipede theory.