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Welcome to the best-rated Stock Market Trading Course in India

A master course carefully created with years of collective trading experience, implementing hundreds of best practices from top books and real-time feedback from student traders to help you to make better trading decisions.

Pure Mathematical & Rule-based Trading

From Trading Psychologies, back-tested strategies, and Money Management, you will learn every trick in the trade!

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8 Major Programs

15 Days of Intensive training

Fundamental and Seasonal Investing.jpg

Fundamental & Seasonal Investor

Two Days | 6 Sessions

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WD GANN Universal Trading Method 

Two Days | 5 Sessions

Simplified Price Action Courses_edited.j

Simplified Price Action Trading

Two Days | 6 Sessions

Advanced Price Action Courses India.jpg

Advanced Price action Trading

Three Days | 12 Sessions

Options Trading Course India_edited.jpg

Options Trading Strategies

Two Days | 6 Sessions

Volume profile_edited.jpg

Volume Profile Trading

One Day | 3 Sessions


Algo / Robo Trading

One Day | 3 Sessions

Trading Psycology.jpg

Because the 'Mind' Matters in Making Money

Containing Fear, Greed & Emotions are key to making money

Get Hands-on Training On

Trading Psychology

  • Money Management

  • Van Tharp psychology Model 

  • Brett Steenbarger psychology Theory

  • Alexander Elder position sizing model

  • Equity Millipede theory

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