I3T3 Mega Webinar 2021

Welcome to the world of Mathematical & rule based Investing / Trading

Cautilya Capital I3T3 program is a comprehensive wealth creation program designed for Indian investors and traders who wants to take control of their financial future and their journey towards financial freedom. The course has been designed keeping the beginners also in mind with least technical jargons. We believe stock market is pure Mathematics and we can approach the markets with clear mathematical rules. This approach has helped us to build best in class automatic trading systems for our In-house consumption.

The complete combo webinar has been divided into 8 major Sub programs spread across 12 complete days. It is a combination of the best in class sessions derived from the methods of pioneers in the stock markets who managed significant funds and achieved superior success in long term.


We carefully created this master course with years of training and implementing hundreds of best practices from top books to help you be a better trader.
From Trading Psychologies, back tested strategies and Money Management, you will learn every trick in the trade!

Program Details

Investing is the test cricket match of the stock market world. Investing is not a race where speed matters; it is a marathon where stamina matters. It is an art of picking the best in class companies fuelled by Cautilya Capital super 15 rules. We follow some of the best practices preached by the world’s top investors and have done extensive validation on the past data through our simulation models and programming skills.
William Delbert Gann (the Don Bradman of the trading world) is perhaps the most mysterious of all the famous traders in history. Known for using geometry, astrology and ancient mathematics to predict events in the financial markets and historical events, Gann's trading strategies are still widely used today, long after his death in 1955. GANN is the only trader in the world who had 92% accuracy in his trading which was even confirmed by Richard Wyckoff.
Price is the only truth in the stock market. Every indicator is a derivative of the price. Hence price action trading is one of the most precise and accurate trading methods adopted by traders worldwide. Institutions never see charts to take positions. They create the charts. Retailers follow those charts. However, price leaves lot of traces during its journey. If you can understand those critical levels, you can have precise entry and exits.
The advanced Price action methods consist of some special & unique techniques which are not easy to spot with naked eyes. The traces that the price leaves must be carefully observed in order to find those special sweet spots which can give high Risk-reward ratio.
Our aim is to look for minimum 1:3 to 1:5 risk-reward trades with these methods.
These methods can give a risk reward of 1:10 too. We are also working hard to reach that level of maturity.
Here is the complete list of the topics covered in the 3 days program.
Options are very high risk assets which can make a lot of money. But they can also erode the capital at an alarming rate. Let’s spend 2 days understanding the building blocks of options and learn some cool strategies which can help us to hedge our portfolio and also to look for decent risk reward opportunities. We will also focus on the weekly expiry strategies for hero ya zero game. We have a casino on every Thursday in the markets.
Volume Profile is an advanced charting study that displays trading activity over a specified time period at specified price levels. The study (accounting for user defined parameters such as number of rows and time period) plots a histogram on the chart meant to reveal dominant and/or significant price levels based on volume. Essentially, Volume Profile takes the total volume traded at a specific price level during the specified time period and divides the total volume into either buy volume or sell volume and then makes that information easily visible to the trader.
Algo trading is the new game of stock trading without any manual interventions using state of the art automatic programs which acts as robot to buy and sell stocks as per the rules of the game. 16% of India runs on Algos today. It will grow beyond 50% by the year 2025.
Trading psychology is most important component of any trading system. Van Tharp and Brett Steenbarger are the 2 legends of the trading psychology world. Even the best trading systems in the world without a proper psychology will not be successful. Learn the clear rules and the way both these legends taught the top traders of the world for a consistent year on year performance.

Topics Covered

• What not to do in Investing / Trading?

• Complete Program summary.

• Lets design your next steps.

• Access to the literature for future reference.